Step Application

Dear Parents and Prospective Steppers,

The Pretty Precise Step Team 2021-2022 Step Season has begun.  All steppers will focus on precision, endurance, strength, and flexibility training. This camp will provide step instruction as well as a means for step team members to bond. The camp is open to Ages 5yrs – 18yrs.

Step Fees:

$75 Initial Registration fee

$50 dues per month for all members

Refund Information:

All payments are final. There will be no refunds (partial or full) for children who fail to complete the program.

 Stepper Attire:

We ask that steppers are dressed appropriately for EVERY camp practice: (MASKED REQUIRED)

T-shirt (no tank tops, please as males may be in attendance)

Loose fitting shorts, yoga pants/capris

Supportive tennis shoes only (Please no converse, flat girls tennis, sandals, etc.)

Payment Policy:

Payments must be made in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money orders or zelle.

Cashier’s checks and money orders should be written to Lateka Curtis-Bradford until further notice.

Description of Our Teams:

Pretty Precise Dollz

  • Comprised mostly of middle school girls or advanced level elementary school 5yrs-12yrs old
  • Traveling competition team (in-state and out-of-state).
  • High commitment and practice level.
  • High financial obligation during travel and competition season

Pretty Precise Divaz

  • Comprised of high school girls, ages 13-18.
  • Traveling competition team (in state and out of state).
  • High commitment and practice level.
  • High financial obligation during travel and competition season

Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. Relay any information needed. It is our responsibility to communicate necessary information to the team members, parents, school administration, and event coordinators. We will give all information as soon as we receive it for any upcoming performance or practice changes. We still rely on your child to relay some forms of communication; so please be sure to ask your child if they have received any information after each practice.
  2. Make sure we put our best foot forward. The step team represents the parents, the stepper, the coaches, and the community. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that we put on the best show every time we perform. We are responsible for making sure that each member is prepared to execute each step routine correctly. We reserve the right to sit any child out of the performance that does not execute the routine correctly.
  3. Monitor the progress of our steppers. We are responsible for checking up on our steppers’ grades and behavior. We have the right to sit any stepper that is having concerns in class, academically or behaviorally. We also have the right to sit any stepper that is being disrespectful.

  1. Members need to be role models. It is the expectation that our ladies are role models not only at practice, competitions or events, but at school, home and community. The teams have a positive well-known name. Many of the girls are recognized even when they are not in their team attire.

Remember to “Have Attitude…. Don’t Have An Attitude”

  1. Members are required to keep up in class. We will check every progress report and report card throughout the year. We also ask teachers about work habits and behavior in class. Steppers are expected to be leaders in school. They should maintain a positive attitudes and good work ethic.
  2. Members need to control their stepping at school. It is wonderful that they love what they do and want to practice, however the hallways and at recess are not the times do so. It is also important to only step at practice or at home. If everyone knows our routines it makes people less interested in watching our performances throughout the year.
  3. Members need to understand that a uniform is special. It means you belong to a team. Please keep track of your warmup/uniform. Also keep your warmup/uniform crisp and clean for performances. Whether it is a t-shirt, shoes, pants, jacket, costumes or warmups they should only be worn when directed to by a coach. When in doubt ask a coach for clarification.
  4. Members need to focus on EXCELLENCE! Pretty Precise Dollz and Divaz are competition teams. We compete against the best of the best in the nation. Therefore, each member is expected to perform at their best ability. For certain shows or when we determine necessary, we will have tryouts before each competition. Tryouts will be judged on precision, showmanship, enthusiasm, vocal clarity and endurance.
  5. Members must except that “I can’t” and excuses don’t exist on our teams.

Excuses are tools of incompetence; they build bridges and monuments of nothingness. Those who use them; are masters of nothingness!

  1. Communication.
  2. Communicate with the Coaches. Communication is essential for a productive team. If you have any questions or concerns, please address those with the one of the coaches as opposed to another parent. We would like to keep the relationship between coaches and parents positive. 
  3. GroupMe. GroupMe is a great chat room for the entire team, parents and coaches. Please use this method of contact for general questions and information.
  4. Text. Please make sure that coaches have all current phone numbers. Please use text messaging to contact coaches directly if a child is running late or will miss a practice. Also use this method of contact for specific questions regarding dues, payments, etc.
  5. Check-In. Feel free to check in after practice to ask about any upcoming events. Also be sure to ask your child if they have received any forms or information from us.


  1. Drop Off and Pick Up Your Child On Time. It is extremely important for all team members to attend all scheduled practices. Failure to do so often results in team members not knowing steps/transitions, and thus, forcing them to be removed from shows she is not stage ready. It also adds pressure to the coaches and remaining steppers to reorganize the show without your child in the line-up. Finally, it is embarrassing for the stepper that is removed from a show.


  1. Drive or Arrange for a Ride. Our performance schedule varies. However, in many cases our performances are on weekends. Please drive or arrange a ride for your child in the case you cannot attend. If any child needs a ride and the parent cannot find an alternate please contact the coaches in advance.


  1. Understand the Financial Obligations. Pretty Precise Dollz and Divaz are competition teams that perform at a national level. Therefore, we need to meet competition standards locally and nationally. We compete in the hardest and most competitive leagues in the nation.
  1. Follow all school rules and procedures.
  2. Must maintain a C average or higher (But strive for higher)
  3. All cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent during practice.
  4. No visitors allowed during practice unless preapproved.
  5. No chewing gum during practice or shows.
  6. All jewelry must be removed before practice or a performance begins.
  7. Proper attire must be worn during practice!
  8. No unnecessary horseplay during practice.
  9. Any disrespectful behavior to any adult or visitor is grounds for disciplinary action.
  10. Please notify one of the coaches ahead of time before a missed practice or performance.
  11. Any missed time from practice; you are responsible for learning what you missed on your own time. Practice time is needed for practice!
  12. Be kind and courteous NO BULLYING AND GOSSIPING TOLERATED!
  13. As a member of the Step Team, you are expected to follow all school rules. If you fail to do so and it results in your first write-up (office referral), you will be benched for any practices during the week that you serve ISS/OSS. If you receive a second write-up, further disciplinary action will be taken including dismissal from the team.
  14. Step Team practices come first. Any conflicts with practices will be discussed on a case-by-case basis between the COACHES and STEP TEAM MEMBER.
  16. You are to maintain the ability level or above that you exhibited at tryouts.
  17. Be enthusiastic.
  18. Remember, you are a ROLE MODEL, conduct yourself that way at all times. You represent PRETTY PRECISE STEP TEAM!

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