Pretty Precise Steppers

shapes and molds young women into positive, productive professionals through mentoring.

About Pretty Precise Steppers

Cheyanne James, alongside her mom Lateka Curtis, created the step team ‘Pretty Precise’ in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting on Zoom in August and moving to in-person in October of 2020. With the mission of providing a safe space designed for girls to express themselves and come out of their shells, to work hard, and support each other, through dance.

Join our team

The Pretty Precise Step Team 2020-2021 Step Season has begun. All steppers will focus on precision, endurance, strength, and flexibility training. This camp will provide step instruction as well as a means for step team members to bond. The camp is open to Ages 5yrs – 18yrs.

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Your tax-deductible donation provides opportunities for at-risk youth to learn leadership and goal-setting skills so they can become positive role models to future generations.

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